Community is at the heart of The Loom

As well as providing everything you need for your workspace, we are also playing host to events and activities to improve your everyday working experience.

Occupiers of The Loom benefit from a range of events, including yoga classes, wellness talks, food and retail pop ups, and networking drinks which can be found and booked though the dedicated Loom community app.


The Loom Community Platform & App

With the community app you can sign up to the fitness classes, come along to exclusive workshops, RSVP to your favourites events, and access the latest news and updates from The Loom management team.

Key features:

  • News and Events

    RSVP to our great events and find information on giveaways, pop ups, community drinks and more.

  • Building Information

    Receive updates and alerts about any changes and maintenance at The Loom.

  • Marketplace

    Experience the ultimate in convenience. Find offers and discounts, whilst being able to click and collect from your local retailers.

  • Health and Wellness

    Stay connected to your local gyms for exclusive deals, or join us for fitness classes held at The Loom.

  • Polls and Surveys

    Share with us your feedback, so that we can improve your experience at The Loom.

  • Community

    Just like LinkedIn for your building, make valuable connections with your peers, and meet new people here at The Loom.

Member Login

Register or Login to The Loom Community

Join us for the launch of The Loom community platform, with some great surprises, valuable conversations, and insights into your expertly-curated community experience. Register with us for your chance to win Beats by Dre Headphones.

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