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Experience your network at The Loom with our new Community App

The Loom will play host to events and activations, focusing on improving your everyday working experience.

Come along to events, RSVP to your favourites, and join in on all of the planned festivities.

Sign up to the fitness classes, or even come along to an exclusive workshop held online, only for The Loom community members

Supporting Charities through The Loom

Supporting the local community through charity campaigns, including our launch campaign where we’ll donate £5 to the Whitechapel Mission for every person to register for the community.

Tailored updates for your company

Make the platform a central place for your employees to access:

  • Return to Work policies
  • Perks programmes
  • HR resources
  • New Starter information

Connect with Community Members

  • Share your events
  • Promote your latest news



News and Events

  • Never miss another update, RSVP to our great events, or check-in for one of food giveaways, community drinks and more.

Building Information

  • Receive updates and alerts about any changes and maintenance at The Loom.


  • Experience the ultimate in convenience. Find offers and discounts, whilst being able to click and collect from your local retailers.

Health and Wellness

  • Stay connected to your local gyms for exclusive deals, or join us for fitness classes held at The Loom.

Polls and Surveys

  • Share with us your feedback, so that we can improve your experience at The Loom.


  • Just like LinkedIn for your building, make valuable connections with your peers, and meet new people here at The Loom.