Meet & Eat


Visit Hermanos, our very own speciality coffee shop serving signature Columbian blends throughout the day

Hermanos (meaning Brothers in Columbian) is passionate about bringing the warmth, vibrancy, and originality of Colombian culture to the world. Trained in the art of coffee roasting and brewing they appreciate the deep coffee traditions and work closely with their farmers and partners to constantly evolve and innovate the art of coffee.

There are plenty of spaces for eating, drinking and meeting at communal tables or in the lounge areas that spill out onto The Walk, creating the perfect setting for more intimate conversations.

The Walk is full of moments waiting to happen and things to be happened upon.

The Walk that runs through The Loom’s ground floor is a place to relax and enjoy. It’s where informal meetings, coffee catch-ups and lunch breaks happen. It’s also open to both members and the public so it’s a place for the whole community.