Sustainability Update December 2022

The Pledge

Introducing you to the Pledge

The Pledge is brought to you by your building management team here at The Loom, Ashdown Phillips, in conjunction with building owners Helical plc.

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The Pledge sets out our sustainability aspirations over the coming months and years, as part of our continued commitment to provide a best in class service to all
our customer groups.

  • Environment

    Reduce our environmental impact

  • Community

    Engage with charities and local communities

  • Wellbeing

    Improve health and wellbeing

  • Share

    Share our achievements with our teams and stakeholders

News Highlights


We know that a clean building is fundamental to all of you as you return to the workplace.

We are committed to ensuring the building is as safe as possible. Here outlines some aspects for particular attention:

  • Air handling unit fan speeds have been increased for maximum fresh air intake on to your offices.
  • Air circulation rate of 10 times per hour achieved.
  • Air and water quality have been measured via our independent consultant and the results were positive.
  • Toilet extract fans and air handling units are running 24hrs.
  • Air handling unit filters have been checked and changed where required.

Green Group

Get Involved

We are currently planning a Green Group team quarterly meeting to review and discuss new strategies. If you would like to get involved with the Green Group please contact Jodi Evans by email



01/07/22 – 31/12/22
Total recycling

15,531 KG

CO2 savings

17,441 KG

Trees saved


Recycling per employee

0.6 KG/WK

Meals donated to FareShare



2021 – 2022

In 2022 our energy consumption was 69,077kwh compared to 72,134kWh in 2021.




We look to achieve a 4% reduction on 2019 figures as these are a solid baseline due to consistent occupancy levels.



We are constantly reviewing our strategies.

All lighting in the back of house areas have been replaced with LEDs.

All energy contracts are on Green Tariffs.



Remembering to turn off all computers, printers, and other electronics that do not need to be left on at the end of the day can significantly help reduce energy usage. Computers can be set to energy efficient settings with monitors set to shut off periods
of no use.


While it may seem impossible to find the perfect office temperature setting to satisfy all employees, making a few small changes such as turning the thermostat off overnight and instituting a casual dress code so people dress for the outside weather can help keep costs down. Ensuring that your HVAC system is serviced regularly will also help the system operate efficiently. you use as little energy as possible.


Putting batteries in the general waste and recycling is illegal and can cause fires.
We have a dedicated battery box for you to recycle your old batteries.
Drop them off at Reception.


Many standard office cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment (and even our bodies!). Consider asking your cleaning company to use green products or switch to one that does.


This tip may seem obvious but if recycling facilities and options are not made easy and apparent for employees, they are less likely to use them. Make sure your office has clearly labelled and easy-to-find recycling bins. Recycling is about more than just putting your old newspapers in the blue bin. Encouraging your fellow colleagues to reuse things like folders and notebooks or taking notes on the back side of the page will not only help the environment, but also can help your office save money.


Support sustainably produced snack, coffee and tea companies by providing them for your office. Be on the lookout for companies that are local to your area to further reduce your carbon footprint (Hermanos sell some excellent sustainable coffee!)


Help guide your office into making more sustainable and green decisions. This will help educate the entire office and also facilitate interaction and collaboration between companies who may not have gotten to work together previously.


From security, safety, reception, maintenance, to community spaces we have you covered here at The Loom

The security monitors all access control, fire alarms and CCTV as well as being the communications centre for cleaners and maintenance staff.

The CCTV cameras monitor external areas together with the internal common parts on Ground and Lower Ground Floors. In addition, the cycle storage area, fire escape final exit doors and the loadings bays are covered by this system.

During a normal business week, receptionists operate from the front desk between 08.00 – 17.00. Overnight and on weekends and bank holidays, security manage the reception.

Cleaning of the common areas, such as the entrance halls, lobbies, landings, lifts, staircases, and the washrooms is carried out regularly by contractcleaners instructed by the management team.

Occupiers have access to all of the common facilities of The Loom including a striking light-filled atrium and the communal café and social spaces.

The Loom benefits from 58 cycle storage facilities and lockers & shower rooms.


Your Loom green team

Gary Metcalf

Associate Director
Environmental Impact
Ashdown Phillips

Gary joined us in March 2020. As well as managing The Bower Estate in Shoreditch, he has joined our Sustainability team to reduce our environmental impact using his expertise developed over 15+ years in the industry. He is also a Mental Health First Aider.
Andrew Wraight


Managing Director
Data Collation, Analysis & Reporting
Ashdown Phillips

Andrew leads our sustainability team and has driven forward this initiative to support our desire to deliver a brilliant service to all our stakeholders. Our forward thinking approach to customer service sets us apart from our competitors as we believe in working collaboratively and being a trusted advisor across all aspects of property management.

Russell Jaycock


Director & Head of FM
Health & Wellbeing
Ashdown Phillips

Russell has been with the business for five years and jointly heads up the Facilities Team – which make up over 50% of our staff. He is passionate about providing a brilliant customer experience so is heavily involved with identifying the best service partners for the buildings that we manage. He’s also a Mental Health First Aider.
Laura Beaumont


Head of Sustainability

In 2021, Laura was appointed as Head of Sustainability for Helical. She is responsible for driving the sustainability ambitions of the business and ensuring targets are met both at a corporate level and at a building level.

Built for the future

Helical’s sustainability strategy “Built for the Future” sets out a long term vision focusing on Environment, Communities, and People.

Read more about Helical’s commitments and aspirations here;

Future Updates

Moving forwards news will be brought to you in quarterly updated tieing in with our newly created Green Group meetings. If there is anything you would like included in the next update please let us know by contacting

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The Loom on site management team are here to help

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Facilities Manager
07585 303 381

Fergus Payne
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