The Loom weaves heritage, culture and community

Housed in one of London’s few remaining Victorian wool warehouses, The Loom has been reimagined to provide 110,000 sq ft of modern workspace that befits one of London’s most diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods. It’s the perfect place for entrepreneurs, innovators and creative minds to come together, be inspired and do great things.

Entwining the past and present

Loom House was built in 1889 as a wool storage warehouse. The wool, produced by the Merino sheep of Australia, was transported from Melbourne and Sydney by clippers, the fast sailing ships of the nineteenth century that traversed the world’s major trading routes.

Whitechapel during the 19th century was a place of industry, a place that sparked innovation and was rich with entrepreneurial spirit. Loom House played a vital part in Whitechapel’s history.

The Story

Bringing The Loom back to life

In 2013 Helical acquired Loom House and commissioned Morris + Company (formely Duggan Morris Architects) to transform the building.

The Architects design explores and reveals the Grade II listed building’s history while introducing modern interventions that breathe new life into the building.

The integrity of The Loom’s industrial past has been retained wherever possible. Exposed brickwork, trusses and columns are complemented by raw materials including steel and concrete. Bespoke woven metal gates frame the entrances to The Loom leading onto a generous open space known as The Walk. The Walk runs through the building allowing you to discover and explore our café, social spaces and meeting areas.

“The new development has successfully walked the difficult line between conservation and imagination that is the perennial goal when refurbishing our architectural heritage”
Ike Ijeh, Building Design 2017

A playful retelling of The Loom’s past life.

The light-filled atrium features a huge modern-day tapestry by illustrator Stuart Patience. The mural playfully conjures up The Loom’s past life as a 19th century wool warehouse. Huge Merino sheep unravel through the atrium space, seeming to escape as farmers struggle to pull them back down to earth.

“I’ve gone back the origins of where it all started – merino sheep farming. The idea was to create a playfully surreal take on the building’s history with a sense of wonder and spectacle, something that would parallel The Loom’s new creative community.” Stuart Patience

Creating sustainable and inspiring workplaces

Helical is one of the UK’s leading property companies with a substantial development and investment portfolio. Helical create sustainable and inspiring workplaces which are technologically smart, rich in amenities and promote employee wellbeing. The portfolio comprises office, retail and industrial properties, located in London and throughout the UK. Helical is committed to the provision of high quality, dynamic office space for entrepreneurial and creative businesses, with a growing development and investment presence across London.


The Loom has won several prestigious and well-respected design and construction awards, including:

  • RIBA National Award Winner Workspace
  • AJ Retrofit Award for Best Listed Building
  • BRICK Award for Best Refurbishment Project