Yasmin Afif

Yasmin Afif

Denim 2.0, August-Nov 2016

Yasmin is in her second year of the Textile Design course and she is responsible for the Fashion degree course’s social media platforms and visual identity. She builds upon internships and professional opportunities to integrate her vision of order and disorder into a fashion brand.

Yasmin’s interests lie in the development of a strong visual identity with a particular focus on details and the impact of quiet, thoughtful interventions

“The lost, ignored and often minute changes of surface, colour and texture attract me. I am seeking to make work that calls to the viewer, demands they spend time looking at details, makes their eye seek out difference and the quiet insistence of repetition. I treat new fabric, forcing it into textures and surfaces through textile treatments, altering, imposing and changing.”

Title ”Denim 2.0″
Material Layered cotton, bleach, dye, foil.
Date August-Nov 2016