Ross Kirker

Celebration of Confluence & The City Unveiled, 2018

Celebration of Confluence – This lookout tower is an extension of an old toll booth structure that marks the confluence of city and canal in Nottingham. It is a gateway figure announcing arrival to the city from the south.

The City Unveiled – The design derives from a dialogue on drapery between the flowing, processional fabrics of art history and the real and metaphorical draped curtains in theatre. As a rather unconventional, modern theatre the building recalls the history of performance and procession, using familiar motifs to give the architecture its unique expression. The vessels were each wrapped and glazed by hand.

Title ‘Celebration of Confluence’
MateriaTimber and Pigmented Plaster
Date 2018
Title ‘The City Unveiled’
MateriaMarble and Pigmented Plaster
Date 2018