Hannah Bennett

Hannah Bennett

The Sensory Surface, Dec-March 2017

Hannah is currently studying her third year in Fashion Design and is looking at the textural, surface transforming techniques of fabric and garment construction

“I have been labelled as a sensory abuser- Wether it is the sound of music – vivid colours or lights from a shop display- a perfectly smooth surface calling out to be touched – an object glistening in the sun in my peripherals or the reflection in windows, playfully altering reality- I am lead and consumed by senses.

In my degree I have realised my love for print and surface manipulation and the ideas I generate here informs the rest of my design process.

The Loom Buildings permeability and changeability lead me to looking at kinetic architecture, this is architecture which interacts with the environment in some way. I wanted to explore, highlight and capture movement.

I have created an under-garment which moves to reveal flashes of skin as it is worn.

In using a bold misty print and an intense, lush smocking technique I have created a frozen moment in which the fabric was gathered.”

Title ‘The Sensory Surface’
Material Neoprene, Duchess Satin, Silk
Date Dec-March 2017